The last month has seen the UK introduce statutory quarantining on people returning from Spain, along with increased restrictions on bars in Benidorm in respect of live music and opening times. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in tourist numbers plummeting with a knock-on effect that most of the major airlines with routes to Alicante are cancelling flights, often at very short notice. Most of the hotels in Benidorm have already taken the decision to close for the winter.

Reluctantly, we have concluded that with so much uncertainty continuing to prevail, and no immediate prospect of anything improving, we have no alternative but to cancel the postponed dates of 31 October – 1 November.

Many of you have already elected to take the option of rolling their Wristbands over to 23-25 April 2021. We will now automatically roll all remaining Wristbands over to next year. If you cannot make the date please contact Harriet at

For those who have booked both dates, we will contact you individually.

If you booked your Wristbands through Roundtown Travel they will be in touch with you shortly.

For ALL Enquiries, you will need the name and email of the LEAD BOOKER along with your booking reference number.

We thankyou for your understanding and cooperation during extremely uncertain times. We are extremely saddened by this decision and sincerely hope that our industry survives this devastation.

The Benidorm Elvis Fiesta Team x